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Basic info about emcd. mining pool
Basic info about emcd. mining pool
Written by Aleksandr Tashkin
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What is the difference between the emcd. pool and others?

  1. emcd. is among the top 10 largest mining pools for Bitcoin mining. You can check it here:

  2. emcd. pool stands out with consistently one of the highest rewards* while maintaining a fair commission of only 1.5%.

    *Telegram channel for monitoring statistics:

  3. Special conditions are available for users with high hash rates.

  4. The emcd. pool operates on the FPPS and PPLNS model, allowing users to maximize their earnings from mining on the pool.

  5. Free cryptocurrency withdrawals - we offer the option of free withdrawals for BTC, BCH, and LTC to any wallets. This is another advantage of our service, making cryptocurrency management easy and accessible.

  6. The emcd. platform is protected by advanced encryption algorithms and a multi-level security verification system, ensuring the maximum safety of working with this pool.

  7. The emcd. pool has a wide geographical coverage and includes miners from around the world. emcd. ensures stable pool operation and reliable connection for miners from different countries.

  8. In addition to the pool, emcd. has a product ecosystem for working with cryptocurrency, such as:

    1. Multifunctional wallet with currency exchange capabilities and withdrawal of cryptocurrency to cards*.

      * The withdrawal of cryptocurrency to cards is temporarily available only for Russian banks. The list of countries for withdrawal will be expanded soon.

    2. Coinhold savings wallet with flexible conditions and a high interest rate (the ability to passively earn up to 12% per annum).

    3. Referral program.

    4. P2P platform that allows users to make profitable deals.

  9. Emcd. provides excellent customer support, whose specialists are ready to help you solve any issues. The average response time of our support is less than a minute, so you can be confident that your requests will be resolved promptly.

How to start mining on the emcd. pool?

To start mining, you need to create an account and connect a specialized mining device to the pool.

We want to emphasize that it is not possible to mine using a phone.

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