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Terms and Definitions

Buyer - the one who buys cryptocurrency

Seller - the one who sells cryptocurrency

Dispute - an open dispute between a buyer and a seller

Limits - limits within which the seller is ready to make a deal

Payment method - the way the buyer pays the seller

Fiat (fiat money) is ordinary money: it is stored on your bank account, the bills and coins that we use in daily life.

Frequently asked questions about the emcd. P2P service.

What is P2P?

P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange is a type of exchange where users can exchange cryptocurrencies (for example, Bitcoin) for fiat money directly, without the involvement of banks or other third parties.

How to use P2P?

In order to use the P2P exchange, you need to log in to your emcd. account or register on the emcd. platform if you don’t have the account yet.

What currencies and cryptocurrencies are available for P2P exchange?

P2P emcd. currently supports the following exchanges:


Fiat currencies

  1. BTC

  2. BCH

  3. DASH

  4. DOGE

  5. ETC

  6. ETH

  7. LTC

  8. USDT

  9. USDC

  1. RUB (Russian ruble)

  2. IDR (Indonesian rupiah)

  3. THB (Thai baht)

  4. TRY (Turkish lira)

  5. UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)

  6. KZT (Kazakhstani tenge)

  7. BYN (Belarusian ruble)

  8. USD (United States dollar)

  9. AMD (Armenian dram)

  10. GEL (Georgian lari)

  11. CNY (Chinese yuan)

  12. INR (Indian rupee)

  13. RSD (Serbian dinar)

  14. AED (United Arab Emirates dirham)

  15. PHP (Philippine peso)

  16. VND (Vietnamese dong)

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