How to start mining Dash?
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How to mine Dash (Dash)?

Dash is an alternative cryptocurrency with an emphasis on confidentiality and transaction processing speed (they are confirmed within a second). Today we will explore how to mine this cryptocurrency. Unlike Bitcoin, which uses the SHA-256 algorithm for mining, Dash is based on the X11 algorithm.

As an example: the most popular devices for mining Dash are ASIC devices (For instance, Bitmain Antminer D3 ASIC).

✅ DASH can be efficiently mined using ASIC.

❌ DASH cannot be efficiently mined using CPU or GPU cards.

💡 Some ASIC models may be unprofitable due to changes in the Dash price.

How to choose a device?

Your income and the payback rate of the device directly depend on the hashrate (this is a unit of measurement of the power of computing equipment for mining or blockchain network), which can be achieved on a specific ASIC model, and the cost of electricity. Therefore, when you pick an ASIC, be sure to check the combination of overclocking profiles and the electricity consumed, try to find the most profitable option. Lower electricity prices mean lower operating costs and better profitability.

How to start mining Dash on EMCD?

The first thing you need to do is to sign up on the EMCD website. To sign up and start earning, follow the link -

  • Username is the name that you will use each time you log in to the pool

  • Email - your email address

  • Password - the password to log in to your personal account, do not forget to make it complicated (with signs and numbers), then repeat the password.

Click the check mark and agree to the terms of service and then click on the "Sign up" button. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Find this letter on the email that you specified during the sing up process and follow the link. If you didn't find the email, then check the spam.

Adding a wallet

To specify a wallet:

  1. Select Dash in the upper-left corner

  2. Then click on the Settings button

  3. Add your wallet address. You can use any official wallet or use the wallet of an exchange that has Dash coin.

  4. Then click "Save".

  5. Do not forget to confirm your wallet via personal email

Hardware configuration

  • How do I log in to Asic (in the web panel)?

Find the IP address of the device via IP Scan or BTC Tools and then enter this IP address in the address bar of the browser.

  • How to set up a connection to the pool?

Go to the Asic tab (Miner configuration).

And fill in all three pools, where:

  1. URL is a stratum of servers (All three pool must be filled)

  • stratum+tcp:// - Russia

  • stratum+tcp:// - Europe

  • stratum+tcp:// - Kazakhstan

  • stratum+tcp:// - China

  • stratum+tcp:// - America

  • stratum+tcp:// - Iran

    • Where the port is the code of the pool coin (example for Dash: stratum+tcp://

    • Fill in all three stratums closest to you

Worker - the name of your worker (the user name that you specified at the beginning of your sing up) in the format "your name".worker (without quotes). You can also copy it in your personal account in the connection tab

Password - enter any password

Now your devices will appear in your personal account via the link.

  • The equipment takes 15-20 minutes to update the data about the first shares received by the pool. As soon as this happens, the equipment will be displayed on the website.

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