MicroSD card requirement:

MicroSD card

card Volume

File system


512 MB


Step one : Prepare the MicroSD card

  1. Download the firmware file (it is a recovery firmware, you would need to flash your device with it in order to proceed further)

  2. Open the zip archive SD_T17_650M (with WinRAR)

  3. Connect the microSD card to the computer using an adapter

  4. Unpack the contents of the SD_T17_650M archive onto microSD card

Step two: pre-flash the device

  1. Turn off the power device

  2. Put the microSD card into the slot (see the pic below)

  3. Turn on the device

  4. Wait for the indication of two LEDs on the front of the control board

  5. Wait approximately 2-5 minutes

  6. Turn off the power device

  7. Take out the microSD card

  8. Turn on the device. Congratulation! Your device is ready for the next step

Step three: Looking for the IP address of the device on the local network

Operating system

Program for finding Asic IP


BTC Tools


BTC Tools

Look for the IP address of the device on the local network using BTC Tools

  1. Download the software (versions are presented above)

  2. Run BTC Tools (you may need to run as Adminstrator)

  3. Check if the IP address of the subnet is set correctly

  4. Press the Scan button

  5. Waiting for the scan to complete

  6. Get an IP address from the list

Step five: Flash the device using the firmware webpack

  1. Enter the previously received IP - address in the address bar of your browser (from the step 4)

  2. Enter login details in the welcome window

    • Username: root

    • Password: root

  3. In the system interface select the Upgrade section

  4. In the Flash new firmware image section, select the firmware file downloaded from https://fw.emcd.io and click Flash Image

    Instructions for firmware Antminer S9 (update) - CRMI Firmware
  5. Wait for automatic page update and firmware installation!

  6. Congratulation! You have just installed the firmware!

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